Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another Day Another Infusion

Today I had my second infusion, I had the same nurse who successfully got the IV in last time, but she was unable to this time. Instead the only nurse who didn't stick my last time, got me this time. The first attempt the vein blew for no apparent reason, the nurse kept commenting on how "this isn't normal" and "[she] didn't do anything that should make it blow" also my veins apparently go deeper when you flick them rather than popping to the surface. They had to use the same needles they usually use on premies and are going to order me a box of them to take up to college with me since the medical center up there is an adult hospital. The infusion took 3 hours, but it seems to help so it is worth it.

Unfortunately I appear to be in somewhat of an autoimmune flare as my nausea is getting bad again and I am having some chest pains when I walk around accompanied by an even more rapid pulse than normal (146) and increased blood pressure (I am normally pretty low and am now high which is a huge jump). Hopefully my labs will come back okay and I will be able to titrate up on my methotrexate so we can get my symptoms under control.

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