Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Infections galore

This has been the month of infections, I just finished my 3rd round this month and still have 9 days to go on my antibiotic ear drops. My second ear infection of the month is finally clearing up, and it was a disgusting oozing mess-though not as bad as the first one of the month. I managed to get an emergency ENT appointment yesterday and was told that I don't have any real hearing loss as of now except for some at a fairly high pitch. He said it may indicate future hearing loss and is something to watch. There were some issues with my left eardrum not moving and looking abnormal, but it is probably just due to some residual pus from the infections and should clear up soon.

Additionally it would seem that my hip incision also was infected. It was draining green smelly pus when I saw the derm last week-he didn't think it looked infected though. When I was started on the antibiotics for my ears it cleared up as well. The derm thinks that my hip probably isn't going to heal without some sort of intervention and is sending me to plastics to get a consult for a scar revision.

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