Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the Suck continues

We are still waiting to hear from Hopkins, they have gotten my records and are reviewing them now. The person Mom talked to said that the internists are booking 4 months out so I may not be going as soon as we hoped. Last week I had a physical with my PCP and she was at a loss about what to do. She asked if I thought I could keep going on like this and I told her yes it's not like I have a choice. I don't think I can keep going though. It has been almost a week since my stomach has been able to digest anything more solid than a banana. My nausea is better than earlier in the week with my doubled steroids. But they give me a horrible headache and stomach ache no matter how much I try to eat with it. My hip injection is wearing off and I have had a really bad week joint wise. I'm too tired, all I can do is drag myself out of bed for a few classes and crawl back in.

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