Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looking back on 2009

January began the GI bleeding issues to which we still have no answers

February a new round of MRI's and other GI tests

March and ER trip and pneumonia

April is when Dr. Soden (GI) came into our lives and brought Dr. Ellias(GI), I had a skin biopsy and more abdominal CT's and ultrasounds

May I had my first colonoscopy and second skin biopsy (because the first wouldn't grow out which they had only seen one other time in 14 years), the surgeon freaked out and ended up not really doing it because she was afraid of tearing something

June I had my final period and started the process of getting my power chair, we also scheduled a date to get the screws removed from my hip

July the screws were removed from my hip and what was supposed to be a simple outpatient procedure turned into a week in patient for pain control; while I was inpatient I also had a capsule endoscopy which never left my stomach and finally started moving the day before it was scheduled to be surgically removed. During this month I began having worse nausea and began having to take nausea and pain meds around the clock and had a bad UTI.

August brought breast milk and more nausea and no period

September a colonoscopy and endoscopy with a capsule endoscopy placed, another UTI my power chair came in and made my life

October was filled with general feeling like crap, the questions of seizures, and a diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency

November was more ugh with a negative EEG and a switch to hydrocortisone from predinisone I was finally able to decrease my opana from every 4 hours to every 6

December was/is super crappy with doctors shrugging and not really caring or knowing what to do, I tried to decrease my zofran from every 6 hours to every 8 (still keeping phenergan every 6) and was retching constantly went back to every 6 (at the same time as the phenergan every 6) still wasn't enough, I had to shift it back to in betweeen predinisone doeses.

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