Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Infections, test results, and lab canceled tests

After feeling lousy all week I finally realized about 5pm on Sunday that I had a bladder infection so we headed off to the urgent care and got a script for an antibiotic. It seems like I have the wrong antibiotic since it isn't getting better as fast as would be appreciated. The culture came back yesterday and it is the right one, the staphf proved susceptible to cipro. Some of my endocrine tests came back and my estrogen and a few others are super low, which indicates a pituitary tumor. The lab canceled one test because there wasn't enough blood but didn't tell my doctor for three weeks, so we have to get that redrawn and wait for the results before we do the MRI to look for a tumor. She is also checking me for congenital adrenal hyperplasia because it could be accounting for my nausea, so on Monday I will be having a cortisone stimulationtest at sweedish. My MRI of my hip finally came back and I have inflamation in the miniscus and acetabular tendon, which is something that we can't really do anything about.

Next Week:
Monday Cortisone stimulaton test 4 hours and blood work
Tuesday: Lumbar MRI and urologist
Wednesday: Hip surgeon and dentist

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