Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still No Answers

We finally received the results from my endoscopy, colonoscopy, and capsule endoscopy and the answer is that there really isn't one. They saw a small bubble/pouch in my small intestine, but that doesn't account for the blood or the nausea. The fissure that they saw last time and tried to blame is gone, but for lack of any other ideas he is still blaming it on the non-existent fissure. I have a meckle scan Monday but the radiologist said that it is a shot in the dark and pretty much a useless test because nothing is wrong (she did my bone scans in the past and thinks that everything is in my head even though we have difinative proof that it isn't) so we are off to the endocrinologist in hopes that my hormones are causing my nausea in addition to my missing periods and lactation. I need an MRI of my spine and hip to check for a tethered cord that may be contributing to my problems. We are getting a second oppionion from a hip surgeion that specializes cleaning up after other surgeons, I am also seeing another urologist that has a clue and unfortunately need a cystoscopy which means being put under for the fifth time this year.

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